What is it?

We are a non-profit organization working since 2001 for small and medium organizations on the Non-profit sector. Our reason to be is to give support and guidance to the organizations from their creation process and throughout its growth , to optimize how they run and contribute to the achievement of their objectives .

We believe in the strength and importance of the Non-profit sector as a key factor for the improvement of our society and we also know the profile and needs of the Non-profit sector in Catalonia given the  several years we have been working, participating and guiding it. Therefore, we think it is necessary to encourage share and trust among us, physical places to meet, participating democratically and networking to learn, discuss and optimize our work.

Methodologically, we work in three different areas: Guidance, Vocational Educational Training and Reflection & Resources which have emerged and developed in accordance to the reality that we have encountered throughout our years of experience which have given us very good results. Also , Avalon, in order to operate in a sustainable manner , offers a range of services to the public administration related to participation, non-profit sector , equality, etc. .



Our mission is to give support and foster internal management of the organizations. 


 The objectives of Avalon are: 

• to provide information elements to improve the internal management of the organizations.

• To build up a relationship framework to collaborate between different organizations in order to exchange knowledge .

• To Create places for debate, reflection and training for social transformation.