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Non-profit sector Research

2009 / 2010 - GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA - Departament de Justícia
Conflicts within the NP- Organizations

Before the reality of a lack of data on how the conflicts taking place within the NP-sector are and how they can be solved throughout mediation, some members from Avalon and Complementum which are part of a group of mediators from the Justice Department of the Catalonia Government, launched a research on this issue. It aims to establish a comparison between the conflicts that take place in non-profit organizations in relation to those that take place within other types of organizations, such as companies. The first phase of the research included the elaboration of a theoretical state of the matter regarding what has been said on this subject, and an analysis of the composition of Catalan NP-organizations working in the field of Social Action . This enabled us to understand the specificity of conflict resolution within this context and, therefore, to highlight the need for a specialized expert treatment. 

The next step to be implemented is an experiential work with leading organizations to determine the nature of conflicts in a more detailed way. The purpose is to get to the ultimate goal of proposing conflict resolution tools that are useful for practitioners of mediation and thus have a positive effect on the organizations work.