Vocational Training

For those NP-Organizations, Federations, City Councils, etc. looking for a specific training focused on their field of work and their target group. Avalon offers the choice of customized training that focuses on two modalities: 

1. Vocational training - Avalon's Catalogue 
You can choose the course in the listing that most interests you and we will adapt it to your needs (time, duration, content ...) 

Download Avalon's training Catalogue (only in Catalon version)

2. Open Vocational training courses.
You can propose any topics that you and/or the organization you work for would like to work on and, afterwards, Avalon, together with the expert trainer in that matter will make a training course proposal customized to your specific needs and features. 

For example you can see this video recorded by Valles View about a training course that took place in Parets del Vallès in 2010