Vocational Educational Training for non-profit organizations

This area of Avalon was consolidated in 2007 in order to respond to what we identified as the organizations major lack : specific and quality training aimed at people who day by day, try to run the projects. Often, this shortage is because the organizations do not have the time or the financial resources to ensure a quality and ongoing training for their teams . Therefore, Avalon proposes learning activities accessible and diversified and, as long as we can , at no cost (subsidized ) or at a low cost for the participants.

To implement this initiative, we have developed a methodological model that is common to all our courses and we have surrounded ourselves with a team of experts/trainers.

Within the past years we have been enclosing the formats and contents of the different  courses , in order to adapt them to the needs that have been detected . Finally, we basically have chosen three models of trainings.

First, lifelong training, which are those courses that  Avalon regularly offers to all types of public (always to people involved in the non-profit sector and, in some cases, limited to organizations based in Barcelona ).

In second place, we have the sectorial training, that is, those courses specifically addressed to N-P organizations working in a particular area (cooperation & development , immigration , culture, etc.) and, therefore, they share common problems and challenges and require technical knowledge.

Finally, we have also organized customized training adapted to specific realities , upon request of different organisms (public and private).

In addition , Avalon has been involved since 2009 in a European project (Grundtvig Partnership) also included within our scope of training, since it involves networking with different organizations to promote the  culture and quality of lifelong learning. All of these partner organizations (Bölu Valiligi-Turkey; Pro-Mes Spólka z ograniczona odpowiedzialoscia-Poland; Karpatska nadacia Slovensko-Slovakia; and us, Avalon) aim to provide adult education  with transverse subjects such as multiculturalism and ICT.