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Guidance and Counseling for Non-profit organizations

Since the setting-up of Avalon in 2001, the Guidance is the area in which we have been providing more services and giving support to the non-profit sector (advice, guidance and counseling), changing and adapting to its new realities and needs.The organizations, before being created and finally set up, they grow and consolidate, modifying and finding in their way new challenges in the fields of law, management methods, evaluation, participation, communication, etc.  We need to, continuously, analyze our situation in order to improve our internal management and incorporate the needed changes to achieve our goals.

Throughout our years of experience working with a great variety of people and organizations, especially groups of people trying to set up a non-profit organization and  new born or young organization, we have found out that most of their weaknesses are related with the following aspects:

- they have few active members
- their structures are either little participative or non horizontal
- their actions are poorly planned and evaluated
- they have an obvious lack of specialized training
- they are isolated compared to other similar organizations
- they are not economically self-sufficient and rely heavily on external funding

From Avalon we work to transform these aspects, accompanying and guiding our users in order to optimize the work of their organizations.
We have set up the following goals which are cross-curricular to the different areas of work of Avalon:

- To guide, advice and give support to the organizations in their stages of birth and growth.

- To provide useful information related to the internal organizations management.

- To Interconnect organizations working for common goals.

- To share knowledge and interact with other organizations from the sector to identify their needs.

In order to do this we offer a variety of tools to the organizations and individuals that are part of them. Since our birth we have helped more than a thousand members of organizations in our Non-profit or Guidance Service, both face to face and by email. Also, and since 2009, we work, in coordination with municipalities, to provide attention adapted to the reality of the non-profit organizations net, through comprehensive programs for  non-profit organization.

To carry out these initiatives , Avalon has a consolidated team of consultants, trainers and a diversity of collaborators to ensure a quality service in a wide range of topics of interest for the non-profit sector.