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Non-profit sector Research

2009 / 2010 - AJUNTAMENT DE BARCELONA - Acció Social
Getting to know and strengthening the NP-organizations of migrant people

This research arises from the relationship that Avalon has with NP-organizations whose members are migrant people. We understand that civil society organization as a tool for integration and participation. Bearing in mind the importance of organized migrant people within our society, it was essential to contribute to an improvement of the NP-organizations lead by migrant people. However, in order to work for this improvement it is necessary to have unbiased and fresh data.

Avalon began this research with the specific aim of improving the services offer to this type of organizations (especially Guidance), and also to offer a better services to those NP-organizations that work for migrant people. The research is intended as a qualitative diagnose about the state of the organizations, so as to identify the main gaps and challenges.