24 July 2014
Avalon signs a collaboration agreement with the Mediation Center Barcelona CMB to promote mediation in the organizational field

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Mediation is a key to ensure the organizations welfare; the third sector is currently undergoing a period of significant changes, and therefore we must rethink the model, the method of funding, and it must be done with a team of people highly involved within the organizations.

When teams are involved they come up with ideas, innovative ways of doing things, but these also may generate conflicts. A team that grows, that it’s transformed and thinks is a team that is more likely to have internal conflicts. The conflict itself is not as important as the opportunity of growing and evolving with it: This is the challenge that Avalon has with Conflict Mediation.

It is necessary to have available a team with people who know how to manage their conflicts; that is why Avalon and CMB offer working tools for internal work as well as an external support to help any organization to evolve.

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