29 October 2015
Conflict management workshop

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The workshop's objective is to gradually introduce the culture of mediation to Third Sector organizations.

First to congratulate the Third Sector organizations, because they have demonstrated a high sensitivity to the issue of conflict resolution and this is a strength of the sector, since its sensitivity to the city of the people and organizations makes conflict resolution work much easier and effective.

On the afternoon of October 29 we shared with 15 members of social organizations and international cooperation persones, a space to speak first of the factors or causes that make trigger conflicts in Third Sector organizations, among others He spoke of the reluctance to change, the model of horizontal and democratic structure, management leadership ... was a very enriching exchange space. The starting point was the study prepared in 2010 AVALON, where the main causes of conflict in the Third Sector is extracted. This study was developed with the support of 10 organizations and 33 interviews with members of the same.

The workshop focused on the one hand in the prevention of conflicts, where the key working tool is communication, practically able to analyze the power of communication within organizations and responsibility that people have in the process communicative.

The second part of the workshop focused on facilitation, where we show how the help of an external third party organization may be key to progress in conflict management, this external third has two strengths impartiality and neutrality ...

Thank you all for attending and participating so actively in the workshop, it was a lively and fresh workshop.