25 May 2014
European Union and the Third Sector

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Avalon is committed to the internationalization of the Third Sector. We think it’s a strategy to grow and establish itself as a sector. Avalon, in may, has carried out a 12 hours training course so as to work on this subject and bring the EU closer to Third Sector organizations.

Other training proposals that are in the same line are:

Elaboration and Management of European Projects
Euradia Worldwide Consultants organized on June 12th & 13th a training course in Barcelona to get to know in a practical and dynamic way, the functioning of the European Union, the new Erasmus 2014-2020 + Programme, and to become familiar with the methodology of EML and the European quality standards which are essential in order to design and formulate a project for the European Union.

For further information:: Course (in catalan)

As a reference material, this guide aims to pave the way for civil society organizations and NGOs offering social action proposals that allow the financing of the action, reaching autonomy and independence in their working models, and to contribute to the difficult situation that non-profit organizations are currently facing.
Social Action NGOs Platform. (2013).
Guide for European Funding. Social Programs 2014-2020.
Madrid: Social Action NGOs Platform
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Publication Information 
Location: Madrid
Year: 2013
Editorial: Social Action NGOs Platform
Language: Spanish