1 March 2018
Fundació Pare Manel hosts the third informative session on Social Entrepreneurship

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On the morning of Thursday, March 1, in the space of the Center Obert Muntanyès, of the Fundació Pare Manel, the third informative session on Social Entrepreneurship took place, organized by Ceps and Avalon.


A group of about 10 people has accompanied us to find out what a social enterprise is and how it differs from a conventional company, and who or what social entrepreneurs are.


Based on a series of practical examples, such as the Aula de Idiomas cooperative, the projection of videos of consolidated social enterprises, such as Batec Mobility, and the presentation of the success story of the Alencop cooperative by two members of the cooperative, has generated a debate about what kind of companies we want to create in order to work in decent conditions and with a social and environmental impact that contributes to social transformation.