30 December 2013
Non-Profit organization Experiences Dossier

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We offer to the Catalan NP-organizations the second edition of the Experiences Dossier  containing a selection of 7 experiences from 7organizations in video format. 
The selection criteria responds to the diversity of the organizations, as well as the issues they deal with, but where the organizations scope is common to all of them: Education for development. Our intention is that the organizations that make use of the dossier will be able to see themselves reflected in the different experiences and extrapolate some of the conclusions to their own internal reflections.
With initiatives such like this one we would like to contribute to the dissemination of values ​​such as promoting reflection, networking, sharing knowledge among all recipients, and to promote coordination and understanding among the organizations that have participated in our training, as well as to strengthen the non-profit net.
We would like to thank the collaboration and sincere reflection to the following organizations:
- Quepo
- Associació Alba
- Sodepau
- Xarxa d’economia solidaria de Catalunya
- VSF Justícia Alimentaria Global
- ODG – Observatori del Deute en la Globalització