10 February 2014
Plan to strengthen Migrant people organizations

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Avalon has launched a plan for strengthening Migrant People non-profit organizations in Barcelona, and we would like to share this working experience because it has been an opportunity to grow together with the11 organizations we have been giving support to in different ways throughout a year.

First of all we carried out a self-diagnostic workshop with the organizations where with creative and participatory tools we have analyzed the state of these organizations, their strengths and weaknesses, to plan a future so as to create a scenario of work where everyone in the organization feels reflected.

Once we finished with the diagnose, we proposed, altogether with the organizations, some training courses in order to be able to work on some of the common difficulties to all organizations such as internal communication, and fundraising.

At last, three advisers from Avalon gave support and personalized accompaniment to the organizations in elaborating projects and in administrative management. All this has been useful to strengthen and bring together a network of organizations with a strong importance for the social cohesion they generate and because of the actions they carry out in Barcelona.

Actions like this are a good way of supporting and giving value to the work these organizations perform.

We want to thank Barcelona’s City Council and the Migrant people non-profit organizations that have given us the opportunity to come into their “spaces” by opening their homes, because it has been a project that has provided us with a very interesting growth.

Thanks to:
Casa Eslava
Colectivo Maloka - Mujeres Pa'lante
MEXCAT Asociacion Cultural Mexicano Catalana
ACESOP Associació cultural educativa i social operativa de dones pakistaneses
Asociación Cultural SAHA (Alba)
Centro Peruano
Centro Filipino
Associació Catalana de Residents Senegalesos
Asociación Cultural Social Arte Culinario de Honduras y Amigos en Catalunya
Asociacion casal colombiano ASOCASCOL.