26 October 2015
Service Learning Center Jesuit School of Casp

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In the framework of the project "Social transformation in the classroom: tourism, reflection and action" Avalon, with support from the Centre for Promotion ApS, start working with students in 4th of ESO which, through various tools and dynamic; reflection and critical thinking young people know firsthand what the methodology ApS.

Thus, through the different viewing experiences Aps that have taken place in other schools and other institutions, students and removes those key principles underpinning the APS.

Also, an initial stroke on responsible tourism and mass issue in which the project is based, so that students can familiarize yourself with the fact that there is so much closer and is currently having a big impact in Barcelona, ​​specifically in the Eixample district which houses the school.

The project works in the framework of ethical training course Civic collaboration with three organizations of Education Development Foundation (Guné, Sodepau Alba and South), the teacher of the course and Avalon.

Then Guné Foundation presents social networks as a tool for social criticism. It proposes to students to raise awareness about youth often used social networks and what other use of more transformative in nature, they may provide, as active citizens.

The impact of the internet has brought to our society that constitutes one of the pillars on which rests the social changes that are being developed at this time.

For more information about other experiences and Learning Service (APS)