15 January 2015
Service – Learning, January 2015

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Avalon is committed to the Service - Learning methodology and, this year, we will work on a Service – Learining project in collaboration with three organizations: Alba Sud Fundació Gune and SoDePau.

For those who do not know what Service - Learning is, it is an educational approach that combines learning processes and community services within a well articulated  project in which all participants learn while working on the real needs that surround them as a way to improve these surroundings.

Our intention, as well as the one from the Service-Learning , is that High Schools work  towards a more socially active society. An intervention in a training space as the High School  provides us with the opportunity  to work and build social awareness with young people.

This is a bet that arises in the context of the annual call for proposals from Barcelona Solidaria; and for Avalon, it is a great opportunity to work in coordination with a High School and  with three Non-Profit organizations with whom we share interests and ideology.

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