25 January 2019
Social and collective entrepreneurship

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This year 2019 we have started raising awareness of the students of the 2nd year of Bachillerato, from the López Vicuña Center, with a project based on social and collective entrepreneurship.
Guernica Facundo Vericat, co-founder of LabCoop, gave an introductory talk to set the guidelines for what will be worked on throughout the quarter.
Practical cases, such as the Ca la Rosa dining room, videos of successful social enterprises (Batec Moblity), learnings - lessons learned the students will receive through an online course on social entrepreneurship, and the visit to ECOS, a cooperative group formed by companies of the social and solidarity economy, will shape the global nature of the project that has as an objective to show that other economic models are possible and necessary for social transformation.

MENJADOR CA LA ROSA - http://menjadorcalarosa.cat/




BATEC MOBILITY - https://batec-mobility.com/es/