20 December 2016
SUYSE: Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship

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In the framework of the "SUYSE” Project: Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship, Avalon, in collaboration with four partner organizations from three different countries, and with the funding from the European Union, Erasmus + Program, will develop, from the end of 2016 to the end of 2018, a project aimed to train young people at social risk on how to undertake socially.

Why social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship encompasses a wide range of projects that have a common goal: to propose innovative solutions to today's social challenges.

Social enterprises take into account the human, social and environmental development through their task. These identify themselves with a different way of working and doing business: creating businesses with a social function, such as employing a specific group of people (eg people with functional diversity); to produce useful & accesible goods in a determined social context with environmental and labor rights criteria; and provide services to assure social and environmental well-being.

Thus, social entrepreneurship works to solve social and environmental problems through business creation, trying to combine business viability with social commitments in order to promote social transofrmation.

On December 12th, 13th and 14th, all five partners from the Association met in Padova, Italy, where we set forth with the project. The meeting was useful to get to know each other but, specially, to finish shaping the project, to fit all the parts of the gear and start the work planned in the agreed schedule.

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