20 July 2017
SUYSE – Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship

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On July 4th and 5th, the European consortium formed by the organizations ITD, BI-Gd, Eduforma, McSence and Avalon met in Sofia, Bulgaria, to shape the social entrepreneurship training project for young people at risk of social exclusion.

This second meeting has placed us all in the center of the project and in the path to follow. We have already done a lot of work such as the elaboration of the index of contents for the training, the e-learning platform where the pilot training will take place, the strategic communication plan to make the maximum dissemination of the project and, especially, the web page from where to accede to all the information of the project www.suyse.eu

Knowledge, competencies, skills, good practices ... are already established to offer a dynamic training that provides tools to the young and to awake their creativity to become future social entrepreneurs.

We are also finishing to organize a training for trainers that will take place the third week of November 2017 in Casa del Mar, Barcelona. We will keep you informed for all those people who have an interest in attending.




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