13 June 2019
The first phase of the APS project - LA PAU AL PATI is completed at the Marenostrum School

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We close this first year of work with the MARENOSTRUM school, with the Learning and Service project, which we can say has been a fantastic project that has implemented 4th nanos, bringing the peace culture to the patio. They have been those who have made possible a conflict management work in the yard with the youngest and has been a great opportunity for self-learning.

The project has been very well received by the school to the extent that we have set ourselves the objective of making it grow in the 2019-2020 course, incorporating the mediatory look at the school. We will achieve this with two very powerful tools such as restorative practices and nonviolent communication, which will allow us to become part of this process to families.

The project has been extended to monitors and teachers and during this last week we have also done the closing day showing the video to the families, teachers and the same students of 4th, and giving them a certificate of recognition of the work done .
The management of conflicts is a way forward and Marenostrum wants this to be a project that can sharpen in the entire educational community.
The project has been supported by Avalon, Mediam and the Marenostrum school and with the support of the Barcelona City Council - Justicia Global.