30 June 2016
Transformation in the classroom: tourism, reflection and action

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Project developed the methodology and Learning Service under the Education Program Development Solidarity of Barcelona, ​​where young 4th Secondary School Jesuit Centre in Caspe, they investigate and discuss the effects of tourism in the city Barcelona.

The aim of the project was to awaken the critical spirit of young people in order to generate a debate on the positive and negative impacts of tourism in the city and think with their active involvement in a plan to improve those negative impacts affecting more to the public.

The project was part of the training course Èticocívica and partly from the subject Informatics.

The project was coordinated by Avalon who has worked hand in hand with partner organizations Alba South Sodepau Guné Foundation and the teachers of the subject, and with the support of the Barcelona Solidarity and Promotion Center ApS.

The implementation of the project consisted of a series of training sessions to put students in context and, from there, to promote a debate in class where they identified four key related tourism on which to work: economic activity, living image of the city, and proposals for improvement.

Students are organized into working committees, one per axle, from where they can search through fieldwork interviews and visits, as well as research on the Internet.

With all the collected material was prepared a video presentation of the contents of the project; was an exhibition of a panel for each area of ​​work where the data is collected on relevant tourism in the city accompanied by a presentation by the students. Finally, there was a debate where several / as students presented the following issues from different perspectives: impact of cruise costs and economic benefits of tourism in the city; effects the coexistence of tourist apartment; and to what extent compensated or not the strong growth of tourism in the city for most of the population.

We appreciate the participation and effort made all those involved in the project, especially the students.