21 November 2017
Transformation in the classrooms: Reflection on the new economic models for development. Cooperative, social and solidarity economy

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The implementation of the project Transformation in the classrooms: Reflection on the new economic models for development has been developed at the Xavier Professional Technical School, the framework of the Cooperative, social and solidarity economy program of the Barcelona City Council during the first trimester of the school year 2017/2018.
Young people of the International Trade Higher Cycle, have worked different areas and materials of the ESS as alternative economic models to the capitalist market economy.
The objective of the project was to awaken the critical spirit of young people in order to generate a debate on different alternative economic models that are increasingly expanding and proposing viable alternatives to the current model of capitalist economy.
The project was framed in the subject of Tutoring.
The project has been coordinated by Avalon who has worked hand in hand with the teaching staff, and with the collaboration of the entities XES, FACOS and CAF, and with the support of the Barcelona City Council.
The execution of the project has consisted in working different axes within the cooperative, social and solidarity economy, in order to shake consciences, contribute to the development of the critical spirit of the students, and promote an active citizenship.
The different sessions have been organized in such a way that the students work in groups and in this way promote a more collaborative work and mutual help among the students, which has been very interesting and beneficial for all, as the students have stated and the teacher.
We appreciate the participation and effort made by all the agents involved in the project, especially the students.

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