14 February 2018
We are rethinking the yard!

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Last September of 2017 we started the aps with the school Vila Olímpica "Transformation in classrooms, culture of peace".
Framed in this project, the 5th boys and girls will pilot a project on "Rethinking the yard."
To do this project, these students, along with their tutors and Avalon staff, are learning different communication tools that will allow them to find information about everything they want to know about the relationships that are experienced in the playground.
And how will they do it? How can we observe what happens in the yard without judgments? what are our beliefs? How do we relate to gender? Do we respect the difference? Are we happy in the yard?
All this is what they will have to investigate ... through different dynamics and different tools, we want them to acquire a different look of their surroundings, a look that will help them as people to contribute to the culture of Peace. Our working tools, keys to this project, are, mediation, peace circles, and non-violent communication.

Right now we are in the research phase.
The students have been divided into expert groups. 6-7 students will be in charge of knowing how each school year is. Through surveys and interviews that they themselves have developed, they will ask all the students of the school and all the teachers and monitors to find out how they feel in the yard.
We want to extrapolate the life of the patio with reality. What's happening in the street? Why do conflicts occur? And ... how do we solve these conflicts ???
This is what we will work throughout this school year. What are our conclusions? We are sure that the students of 5th will make us rethink what is happening!